Cathedral School Weekly Newsletter

May 24, 2018

 Look Ahead

Thursday, May 24                NOON DISMISSAL

                                             End of the year Parties

Friday, May 25                      Pre K3 - 5th Grade End of Year Programs

                                              10:00 am Dismissal - Last Day of School

                                              7:00 pm Graduation at St. Mary Basilica

Monday, May 28                    Memorial Day – School Offices Closed

Tuesday, May 29                   School Offices Closed

Monday, June       4              Sports Program Picture Day in the Park – Last Day for Discount


Cathedral School Mission Statement:

Our mission as a Catholic School is to develop, encourage and support the spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, social and physical growth of each member of our school community. 

2018-19 Tuition Invoices – IMPORTANT NOTICE

Any loan that is closed on or after May 1, 2018 must mature by March 29, 2019.

Cash/Check tuition payments (not paid by loans) must be brought to Cathedral School Business Office and received by noon on Friday, June 29, 2018. Please call the Business Office if you have any questions regarding your invoice.  Thank you for choosing Cathedral to educate your children.

CONGRATULATIONS to each of the following students for making his / her Accelerated Reader goal for the fourth grading period:

1st grade:

Kinsley Anderson, Avery Atkins, Kendal Beasley, Tessa Beesley, Quin Branton, Madison Covington, Allison French, Dru Godfrey, Dylan Graham, Sydney Heflin, Ava Higgins, Paravi Hirachan, Austin Jex, Audrey Kirby, Molly McLemore, Anders Milliken, Colt Orcutt, Emma Orr, Lillie Probst, Eden Smith, Paul Andrew Steckler, Rayshawn White, John Zachary Wingfield

Olivia Adair, Harrison Callon, Carter Cook, Tracen Cusic, Alanah Ferguson, James Gammill, Andrew Goldman, John-Preston Guida, Landon Johnson, Nathachet Kharasin, Molly Kingsafer, Walker Lazarus,  Emma Robin, Reene Slover, Izzy Sullivan, Tenley Wilson, Hadlee Young

 2nd Grade:

Anna Arthur, Bradley Boyette, Tatum Brumfield, Adeline Burget, Lindley Burkley, Jane Carby, Grant Carlton, Cayden Coach, Jailyn Gaines, Kinsley Gaines, Zoie Gibson, Gabriel McMillin,  Ella Moak, Brenden Sebille, Jax Simons, Leah Tillman, Grayson Tosspon, Gianna Tuccio

Younes Abuhakmeh, Aven Adcock, Jaxson Beach, Kolby Book, Logan Bruce, Harper Carter, Sasha Crum, Will Hash, Sanaa Kidd,  Allie Lambuth, Lillian Lewis, Sidney Maier, Jake Middleton, Trey Pace, Taylor Perrin, Aiden Smith,  Maggie Smith, Jordan Stubbs, Cullen Trosclair,  Ben Wheeler

3rd Grade:

Thane Aldridge, Ryker Atkins, Lillie Bertelsen, Eli Brown, Payden Brown, Dagan Brumfield, Braxton Burgess,  Caroline Carlton, Charlie Gilly, Daulton Harveston, Anita Maria Jordan, Ava Knapp, Wells Linton, Riley Lofton, Emily Carol Loy, Hayden Price, Douglas Smith, Matthew Verucchi, Michael Waycaster, Destinee Woods

Cooper Atkins, Levi Beesley, Silas Blaney, Drake Cox, Layton Gray, Ali Haile, Hannah Hargon, Ella Grace Heflin, Halle Grace Janette, Anna Leigh Jordan, Giles Lees, Emery Cate Lewis, Thomas McKnight, Liam Meriwether, Timber Merritt, Logan Moore, Dane Novak, Scott Thompson, Eli Wilson, Lyla Wood

4th Grade:

Sela Adcock, Jacob Anders, Dylan Bailey, Ally Blanton, Joshua Britt, Tralyn Cusic, Alston Doyle, Archer Doyle, Mollie Foster, Grayson Gay, Presley Gregg, Paxton Johns, Faith Anne Johnson, Lynlee Kingsafer, Ben Segrest, Ella Skates, Taylor Stogner, Ava Walker, Jarvis Whitley

Carter Bennett, Reid Burkley, Whitman DeVrient, Ainsley Dupre’, Austin Hoggatt, Tamera Johnson, Ava Jones, Owen Jordan, Crews Marchbanks, Rachel Misita, Walker Probst, Tana Starr, Jack Stubbs, Sophie Sullivan, Hudson Sutherland, Tripp Wimberly

 5th Grade:

Clayton Atkins, Owen Bertelsen,  Doug Blanton, Bailey Brown, Afana Chenyavanit, Lillie Kay Floyd, Logan Foster, Lauren Lambuth, Ricky Leckie, Sally Hudson Linton, Allie McGehee, Alexander Monagan, Julia Smith, Sarah Grace Stewart,  Lizzie Verucchi, Lacy Welch, Kinslee Young

Braxton Brice, Anna Grace Britt,  Brett Bruce, Cooper Brumfield, Brian Burgess, Liza Byrne, Zyah Cornett, Peyton Covington, Lily Crum, Domonique Doss, Autumn Ferguson, Landon French, Liza Gregg, Harlie Harveston, Frederick Lane, Joseph Misita, Lehmann Novak, Wesley Simpson, Penny Starr, Jackson Webb, Joshua White

EPI Pre Packaged School Supplies Order forms were sent home today!  Order forms can be dropped off in the elementary office by Friday, May 25th.  If you would like to order online please go to our Cathedral School code is CAT142.  Online orders must be made by June 14thClick here for order form.

St. Mary VBS Click the link below to register for St. Mary’s Vacation Bible School, June 4-8.  Volunteers are much needed and can sign up in seconds using the link as well.  Contact Jessica Stubbs if you have any questions: 225-614-7712. 

Students completing grades PreK 3-6th are welcome!

2018-2019 Sports Program AD   Ad pictures (free of charge) will be taken on Monday, June 4 by Jody Upton in Memorial Park (Downtown).  Pictures and artwork must be received by June 4 to receive the 10% discount.  If you have any questions, please call Gina Cauthen at 601-597-3716.  Click here for the form. 

Lost and Found – The lost and found in Elementary AND High School are overflowing!! If you happen to be missing clothing, please feel free to stop by one of the school offices.  All items that are not picked up by May 25, 2018 (the last day of school) will be donated to the Guardian Collection Thrift Shop. 


Counselors News

  • For students to be eligible to take Dual Enrollment classes beginning junior year the student must have an overall GPA of 3.0 and ACT Composite Score of 18.  To be eligible to take English Composition I and II (senior year) in addition to the above criteria you must have an 18 sub-score in the English portion of the ACT.  To be eligible to take the College Algebra (senior year) you must have, in addition to the above criteria, a 19 in the math sub-score of the ACT.  Anatomy I and II Lecture and Lab can be taken junior or senior year, must have the 18 ACT Composite Score  and the student must be approved prior to registering at Co-Lin

  • ACT Test dates: June 9th and July 14th.  The deadline for signing up for the June ACT is May 4th and the deadline for signing up for the July ACT is June 15th.

Application Period and Deadlines:

  • October 1: Application for next Aid Year becomes available

  • March 31: Online application deadline for the HELP Grant and for forgivable loans

  • April 30: Supporting document deadline for the HELP Grant and for forgivable loans

  • June 30: Deadline for William Winter forgivable loan applicants to submit PRAXIS scores and for forgivable loan applicants to submit letters of acceptance (if required)

  • September 15: Online application deadline for MTAG and MESG

  • October 15: Supporting document deadline for MTAG and MESG


1.   Fastweb-Seniors need to take the time to sign-up, if they haven't.  Please remember to ask your child about this and check your email daily for these scholarship opportunities.

2.   Scholarships-All scholarships which cross my desk are announced on the weekly newsletter and I will occasionally send out emails to senior parents.  (Please make sure the school has an email address which will be checked by a parent.)

         -LA residents-TOPS deadline is the April ACT test. (You must send your ACT scores directly to TOPS-1595.)  You must have at least a 23 on the ACT to qualify for this.

         -MS residents-MTAG deadline is Sept. 15, 2017.  You must register with MTAG and this can be done in January.  School will submit the GPA and ACT in April.  Student must have a cumulative 2.5 GPA to qualify for this. 

MTAG/MESG-Mississippi residents may go to the Mississippi Student Financial Aid website and register.  The website is:  There are many scholarships available:

MTAG-Minimum 2.5 GPA and 15 on ACT  ($3,000 over 4 years)

MESG-Minimum 3.5 GPA and 29 on ACT  ($10,000 over 4 years)

HELP-Minimum   2.5 GPA and 20 on ACT, student and parent's combined income cannot exceed $36,500. 

This is just a small listing of scholarships available through this website. 

Academic Common Market-If Mississippi does not offer your child's intended major, check on the Academic Common Market.  Many schools will waive out-of-state tuition with certain majors.  LSU waives Mississippi resident's out-of-state for:  Coastal Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Environmental Management Systems. 

 3.      Financial Aid-You will be able to go online to after October 1 and start your application.  You may go online now and apply for a pin number.  You must have your completed 2016 tax returns to actually start the application process.    Please be wary of organizations which promise to find scholarships for you.  Watch out for

College Applications-At this point, your child should have at least 3 colleges in mind.  You may apply on-line.  Once application process is complete, student should tell me and I will send transcript.  You may get correspondence from college telling you that application process is not complete and they are missing transcript.  This usually means the Final transcript.

Upcoming Senior College Days: You must register online for all Preview Days.

Louisiana State University

Freshman Dates & Deadlines

August 1: Application Opens for Fall and Summer

Prospective freshmen interested in applying to LSU for the following fall or summer semesters can begin applying on this date. Remember to apply early!

Mississippi State University

·         Now is the time to apply! 

·         Housing Applications open on September 1st

·         The last ACT for scholarships at MSU is the February ACT.

University of Southern Mississippi

·         Now is the time to apply!

·         The December ACT is the last test date that USM will accept for scholarships. 

University of Mississippi

·     Now is the time to apply!

·         Special Programs and Scholarships opened on July 1st.  The Priority Deadline is January 5, 2018 and the Final Scholarship deadline is February15th. 

·         The last ACT Ole Miss accepts for scholarships will be the June 2018 ACT.  

St. Mary Basilica News


The Youth mailed out all their Sponsorship Request letters to parishioners. Your donations continue coming in and we cannot thank you enough for your gifts! We appreciate all the love and support you show us throughout the year. If you haven’t had a chance to send your gift in yet – not to worry – we are definitely still in need of donations and welcome all that we receive. No gift is too small and prayers are always welcome!

Vacation Bible SCHOOL – June 4-8

Please be sure to register. Click link to register:

JCYO (8 Graders) and CYO (9-12 Grades)

Please see the insert in the bulletin about Vacation Bible School. We really need as many 8th-12th Graders to help as possible – without your help VBS staffers would not be able to do all that they do!