Honor Roll

Cathedral Honor Roll – High School

Principal’s Honor Roll               All A’s

A Honor Roll                            Average 93 & above

B+ Honor Roll                          Average 90 – 92

B Honor Roll                            Average 85 - 89

Please note: A student with one (1) F in any subject is not eligible for honor roll.

Being in the National Honor Society does not necessarily qualify a student for being on the Cathedral Honor Roll.

Cathedral School accepts all grades and credits issued by an accredited school as shown on that school’s transcript. For a transfer student who earns letter grades at a previous school, Cathedral School contacts the counselor’s office and requests a letter/numerical conversion from the school. If none is available, Cathedral uses the numerical mid-point of their grading scale.

Cathedral cannot add or subtract from a grade received from another school, including

Honor (Advanced) courses unless otherwise indicated on the forwarded transcript.

Correspondence course grades are NOT included in GPA.

Cathedral Honor Roll – Elementary

                         Principal’s List                        All A’s

                         A Honor Roll                          Average 93 – 100 (no grade lower than B)

                         B Honor Roll                           Average 85 – 92 (no grade lower than C)

Note: If a student has an F in any subject, he/she is not eligible for the Honor Roll.