Grading Scale


Cathedral adheres to the Diocesan Grading Scale for our numerical grading system.

1. Numerical grades will be listed on report cards and on permanent records.

2. Semester grades will be determined on a numerical average.

3. Exams will count 25% of the semester grade for high school and 15% for middle school.

4. The grading scale will be:

                  A           90-100
                  B           80-89
C           75-79
D           70-74
                  F           below 70

The scale listed below will be used in determining the GPA. This scale will also be used in reporting to certain colleges.

            Regular Courses                   Advanced or AP Courses

            A-4 points                                       A-5 points
            B-3 points                                       B-4 points
            C-2 points                                       C-3 points
            D-l point                                         D-2 points
            F-0 points                                       F-0 points

A numerical average is used to determine the class rank and to select the valedictorian and salutatorian.

To be eligible for valedictorian and salutatorian, a student must have taken the last four (4) semesters of work at Cathedral.

For Honor Roll Average purposes and for Class Rank average purposes only, a sum of six (6) points will be added for each advanced course, and a sum of ten (10) points will be added for each Advanced Placement Course.



Cathedral Elementary adheres to the Diocesan Department of Education approved grading system. 

Grades 1 & 2 use the following to indicate student performance and progress: 

N=Needs Improvement; S=Satisfactory; G=Good; *Not Introduced 

Grades 3-4 use a numerical grading system. Students in grades 3 and up may qualify for the Honor Roll as specified below. Numerical grades will be listed on report cards and on permanent records. The grading scale is as follows:


          A                     90-100                       

          B                     80-89                         

          C                     75-79 

          D                    70-74 

          F                    Below 70