ACT Results


          We have received our scores from the American College Testing (ACT) for our senior class.  Our students scored 21.9 overall, which is one point lower than the Class of 2015.  The National Average is 20.8 and the state average is 18.4.  These scores represent the last time a student takes the test and not necessarily the highest of all their scores.

          The top half of the class, ranked by their GPA, scored an average composite of 25.05.  The top fourth of the class scored an average composite score of 26.40.  The class is ranked based on their GPA and not on their ACT scores.


                 English       Math           Reading      Science        Composite

Cathedral       22.3             19.1             23.0             22.6             21.9

State            17.9             18.0             18.7             18.5             18.4

National         20.1             20.6             21.3             20.8             20.8